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Current Outreach

Summertime Opportunities


As summer quickly approaches so do some of our favorite annual service projects. Look for these activities in the month of June…


We are currently collecting for the annual Give A Kid A Chance backpack program. We will be taking monetary donations through Sunday, June 16.  Donations will help purchase backpacks and all the necessary school supplies for needy children in Cherokee County. A filled backpack costs approximately $20. Donations can be dropped in the lockbox in the entryway. We will announce a  service day where we will assemble the donated backpacks in June.



Important Update:  MUST Summer Lunch: Well, what is it they say about best laid plans?… After much discussion with the state and county health officials, MUST Ministries has been informed that they can no longer accept sandwiches that are made outside of certified kitchens for the Summer Lunch Program.  MUST realizes this will significantly cut down the donations they will receive and are trying to provide the best options to allow us to help them.  In the meantime, they are still accepting the “setup” portion of the lunch that consists of 2 individually packaged snacks and 1 drink in a paper bag.  Setups are not affected by the new policy because they are pre-packaged items. Therefore, we will still be taking donations of individually packaged snacks and juiceboxes. We no longer need sandwich bags or paper bags.  We are also investigating all our options as to how we can help them most, as we work around this obstacle and will communicate back to you ASAP.  In the meantime, please know the assembly week and options may change, keep MUST in your prayers as they work through this new procedure, and keep those donations coming.