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Empty Nesters

Empty Nester News

The Empty Nesters are an adult fellowship ministry open to singles and couples of all ages; those who are “Empty Nesters”, or would like to be for an Empty Nesters’ event.  While our primary focus is Christian fellowship, we also strive to serve others to support the mission of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  If you are new to Good Shepherd consider joining us for this festive event.  We are a welcoming group! Contact the church office, for information or to be added to The Empty Nester email list.

Check your email for a potential June bowling event!!

Empty Nester’s Christmas Party 2018

The Empty Nesters had a great time celebrating Seis de Mayo with Mexican food and ice cream! There were 22 of us in all, and most of us (even though we were STUFFED from lunch) walked all the way to Frozen Cow Creamery for some delicious homemade ice cream!