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Worship Servants needed for offering Holy Communion, Sunday Mornings, while we offer worship online.

March/April: Sign-up

Easter Outdoor Worship Servants for 7 AM and 10 AM worship services.


Good Friday Prayer Vigil: (See all directions on sign-up form)


We have created an opportunity to participate in a 24 hour prayer vigil this Holy Week.  We hope that you share this excitement with us and ask that God would bless our congregation and make us instruments of grace for all sheep of the Good Shepherd.

The prayer vigil will begin at noon on Good Friday and continue until noon on Saturday.  During this time you are asked to find a quiet space in your home or outdoors for a time of prayer, scripture reading, and/or reflection.  You may also light a candle, to help make your envirnoment a more sacred space. If you don’t know what to pray about, suggested prayers will be provided on our website for reference.  The time is divided into half-hour time slots, however, you are welcome to sign-up for multiple time slots.  The goal is to fill all 24 hours of time.