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We are a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work.

Stand up for policies that create opportunities to overcome poverty, promote peace and dignity, and defend God’s creation…

As members of the ELCA, we believe that we are freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. God uses our hands, through our direct service work and our voices, through our advocacy efforts, to restore and reconcile our world. Through faithful advocacy, the ELCA lives out our Lutheran belief that governments can help advance the common good.  ELCA advocacy works for change in public policy based on the experience of Lutheran ministries, programs and projects around the world and in communities across the United States. We work through political channels on behalf of the following biblical values: peacemaking, hospitality to strangers, care for creation, and concern for people living in poverty and struggling with hunger and disease.  Together, we achieve things on a scale and scope that we could never do otherwise. When we act as a coordinated network of advocates and reach out to officials on relevant, timely issues, we effectively impact public policies. Good Shepherd has several members who serve on regional advocacy boards through the ELCA Southeastern Synod. Some of these boards include advocacy for immigration reform, racial injustice and domestic minor sex trafficking. Good Shepherd has also offered education forums to help educate and inform our parishioners and community of the many injustices facing our neighbors in the world today.

To learn more about our advocacy efforts sign up for the ELCA e-Advocacy Network now.  or visit the Advocacy News and Updates page to find advocacy opportunities now.  On the Advocacy resources page, you will find information that will educate and equip you to be a more effective advocate.

Fourth Annual Advocacy Gathering–

Southeastern Synod Advocacy Policy Council would like to invite you to the fourth annual advocacy gathering; the day will begin with an Affirmation of Baptism. Walking Wet is all about who God has called us to be as He claims us in the waters of baptism. Walking Wet means we know where we belong and to whom we belong. Walking Wet is to know without a doubt that through the waters of baptism, God promises to always love us, to forgive us, to support us, and to always be by our side. Walking Wet is about confidence and trust. Walking Wet implies we are part of a large group, brothers and sisters in Christ. Walking Wet gives us a new perspective from which to love and serve our neighbor.

This event will take place: February 2, 2019:  9AM—3PM

St. John’s Lutheran Church
1410 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30307

Get more information about keynote speakers, event details and registration at www.eventbrite.com/

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