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Habitat Work Day Information Packet

Thanks for volunteering to work on the Habitat house. We will be building for the Pierre family. The family bio is at the end of this packet.


You must register and sign up online to be able to work on the house.

Step by step instructions for doing this are listed farther down this page.

Here are some items to keep in mind:

  • There are no paper waiver forms. The waiver is a box you check off when you register online.
  • Reserved volunteer spots are released 24 hours prior to the start of the build. If you have not registered by end of day Thursday prior to the Saturday you want to work, spots will be released to the waitlist and then will become open to general registrations. So, please register by EOD Thursday if you wish to be guaranteed your reserved spot.

START/FINISH TIME: Plan to arrive by 8:40 at the latest. The work day will conclude at 3:00.

MEALS: Breakfasts and lunches will NOT be served. It is up to each worker to bring their own.

DIRECTIONS AND PARKING:  See farther down in this packet for the directions to the site and parking.

DRESS:  Wear work boots or sturdy gym shoes; jeans or work clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Bring a hat and wear sunscreen. Loose fitting clothing should be avoided because they can catch on ladders or tools.

WHAT DO YOU BRING? Habitat – North Central Georgia will provide all of the tools needed. However, you may prefer to bring your own work gloves, tool belt, hammer, pencil and measuring tape. If you do, put your name on anything you want to be sure to get back. Water will be available during the day at the site.

BE SAFETY CONSCIOUS!!  If you ever have safety questions concerning a task assigned to you, please talk to the house leader or a crew leader. Look before you hammer!  Being accidentally hit or hitting someone else with a hammer can be avoided if we are aware of those around us. Only lift loads that you feel comfortable with and use your legs instead of your back. With so many volunteers on site, there are always enough hands to help out. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. If you have waited until you are actually thirsty, it is too late! Be aware of your body’s response to high humidity and heat. Do not overwork yourself and rest as needed.

CANCELLATIONS:  If the weather is so bad that you don’t want to work, don’t go. Otherwise, if it is unpleasant but tolerable, work will be going on.

2023 Registration

Lutheran Coalition Registration and Sign Up for Woodstock Road

Sign-up for the Lutheran Coalition build is done online in two parts. First, a volunteer profile must be created if you don’t already have one from a previous build with Habitat – North Central Georgia. Then after signing in with your volunteer profile (you’ll need your email, first name and password), you can register for a work date. This link will allow you to do both: http://cerv.is/m?0251rlutherancoalition.

Once you have clicked on the link above:

  1. Click on the Register for an Opportunity button.
  2. On the next screen enter your email address and first name.
  3. The system will detect whether or not you have previously registered and will take you to the Create Volunteer Profile page if you have not. If you have previously registered, it will ask you to sign in.
  4. If you have not previously registered, complete the information on the Create Volunteer Profile page and click the Create Volunteer Profile button.
  5. This will take you to the page to select your name and Woodstock Road, Acworth – Pierre Family. If you had previously registered, this is the page you would see when you sign in.
  6. Step 1: Select “Volunteer Name” as your own name from the drop down if it is not already selected for you.
  7. Step 2: Select Woodstock Road, Acworth – Pierre Family.
  8. Step 3: Click the button “Click here to choose time slots and register for an event”. This will take you to the page to indicate work days.
Click here to read more about the Pierre Family