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The Pierre Family

Five years ago, Sorayah Pierre decided to move to the Atlanta area with hopes of changing her life overall for the better. She was living in Miami away from family with no stable home, limited resources and even less direction. Sorayah knew there was more intended for her life and was determined to explore every possibility God would provide. Upon moving to Atlanta, she was able to find a great job with a wonderful company that has blossomed into a career path for the last four years. She has worked hard to establish her career and to help take on family responsibilities.

Coming from a large household, family has always been a core value for Sorayah. When the situation arose to care for her 69-year-old mother Suzette and younger sister Malaikah, she gladly accepted. Suzette has limited mobility due to damage caused by three strokes. Thank God she was able to recover but she can no longer live on her own and requires assistance. Sorayah is also looking after Malaikah who suffers from a man mental disability. She was diagnosed at 16 and it’s been an uphill battle for her and the family since then. The two women have had an incredible bond since their childhood which sustains their relationship when things get tough. The hope is for Malaikah to gain stability and return to college soon. Through all the trials and tribulations Sorayah remains grateful for family. Some of her best memories in life are the holidays, birthdays, and random weekends when they get together. Now she is looking forward to creating more sweet memories in her new home that the Lutheran Coalition for Habitat will build with Habitat – North Central Georgia.