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Hefty Energy Bag Recycling Program

Hefty Energy Bag Recycling Program

Hefty Energy Bag Program quick sheet

Recently, you may have received promotional material in the mail for the Hefty Energy Bag program.  The material, which includes an orange plastic bag, gives the opportunity to recycle items otherwise not considered recyclable, such as plastic dinnerware and materials that fall outside the generally acceptable 1, 2, and 5 categories.

The program has been in existence for a couple of years, in test markets.  Early on, the program received negative feedback when it was discovered a lot of the materials turned in through the program were just being incinerated.  In response to the criticism, Hefty changed course, and now sends the materials through a process that ultimately make them available for other uses.

The marketing materials imply you can just put the filled bag with your other recycling. In Cherokee County, at least, this is not true. 

Ultimately, its better not to use plastic items at all.  Rather than use plastic dinnerware, use your standard dinnerware.  But, if you do use plastic, recycle as much of it as possible.  We encourage you to participate in the Hefty Energy Bag program.

We have a supply of these bags available in the Fellowship Hall for a donation of .50 cents per bag.  Fill the bags with hard to recycle items and bring back each month on the first Sunday of the month along with your Two-Can Sunday donations.

Click here for a link for many frequently asked questions, including what is acceptable in the Hefty Orange Bags.