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History of GSLC

In July 1987, Pastor David Osborne came to Woodstock, Georgia as a pastor/developer for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Pastor Dave knocked on many doors and networked with many people in the community, inviting them to the exciting opportunity of beginning a new congregation in the developing Towne Lake Community.  Many local citizens caught Pastor Dave’s enthusiasm and passion for the gospel, and by 1988 Sunday morning worship services and Sunday School classes were being held in rented space at a local office park complex located on Highway 92.

On December 11, 1988, Charter Sunday, “The Living Charter of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Woodstock, Georgia” was signed.  The charter proclaimed:

We believe—that we are called and chosen by God and through faith accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  Led by the Holy Spirit, we gather together to become the people of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, and commit ourselves to:  worship, praise, honor, and glorify God, grow in our personal understanding of Jesus Christ, share in the Good News of Jesus Christ with others, and responsively care for those who are in need.  We promise—to faithfully support and participate in the life of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church through our time, talents, treasures, and prayers, so that we, the members of the Body of Christ, may demonstrate God’s love in the world.  

One hundred and thirty-one adults and children signed the charter.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church was officially recognized as a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on April 9, 1989.  By that time the congregation, in addition to weekly worship and Sunday School, had added to its ministries Confirmation classes, First Communion Classes, youth activities for 3rd – 6th graders, Vacation Bible School, an Altar Guild, and choirs for adults and children.  That same year a Building Committee was formed to plan for a church building at the corner of Eagle Drive and Rose Creek Drive.

A design for the physical structure, which included a sanctuary, fellowship area, classrooms and administrative offices, was approved in 1991 and a capital fund campaign was initiated.  The building was completed in 1992 and dedicated in 1993.  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church hence became a permanent presence in Towne Lake.  The buildings allowed the congregation to serve the community by offering meeting space to community groups. As ministries, programs, and responsibilities continued to expand, a building expansion to increase fellowship, education and music space began in 1998. The building expansion was completed and dedicated in 1999.

In 2005, the congregation completed an intense Long Range Planning Process, including the development of a congregational mission statement:  We are called, gathered and blessed to be a community and instrument of grace for all sheep of the Good Shepherd.

GSLC congregation has been following the Good Shepherd for more than 30 years!  By his love, the Good Shepherd has led us, and by faith, we have followed.  As we look to the future, we commit ourselves to the principle that has never failed us:  FOLLOWING THE GOOD SHEPHERD!