Hurricane Irma

Across the Southeast and around the country,  our prayers are with those whose lives have been impacted in any way by Irma and by Harvey in Texas, on the Gulf Coast, and here in the metro0Atlanta area.

While both long-term and short-term needs are unknown at this time, Here are important ways that you can act now:

1.  Offer prayer now and in the coming days.  While God knows our needs even without our prayers, prayer connects us to the needs of our sisters and brothers whose lives have been impacted.  It also connects us to one another as we ready ourselves to respond as we are called to do.

2.  Give to Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) now.  The long-term needs will be great both from Irma and Harvey.

3.  Give to the Southeastern Synod Disaster Response Fund now.  This will enable us to begin responding as soon as need assessment begins.

4.  Give to Lutheran Services of Georgia (LSG) now.  Together, LSG, the Southeastern Synod and LDR work as ministry partners in meeting the long-term needs of disasters in Georgia, the synod and around the country.

5.  Identify teams who can be deployed in the coming days and weeks to respond to disasters.  Begin assembling teams to bring relief and help others rebuild their lives.  Look for more information about deploying volunteers on the Southeaster Synod website.

6.  Like the Southeastern Synod Disaster Response Facebook page to keep up with active disaster preparedness and response efforts. As Irma passes and needs assessments begin, we will post information on how you can respond.

7.  Heed the advice of your local officials.

8.  Visit the Southeastern Synod Hurricane Irma webpage for more resources on preparation and response.

Thank you for your generous support!


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